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Gorgeous Ladies We Love: Chock Full O’ Nuts! ROSEANNE’s Got A New Show

ROSEANNE BARR was a comedian who mined her daily life as a middle-class housewife (er, domestic goddess) for material. She then got a show, got famous, got rich, stayed crass, pissed some people off, got richer, and left television. Roseanne’s … Continue reading

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Festivals: The Good, The Bad And The Fugly

Festival submission season is upon us, and I love me some festivals. Why? They’re wicked totes fun. They’re an awesome way to meet other comics, solo show performers, and sketch and improv troupes from across the country. They give you … Continue reading

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Born To Be Mild: Wheel Watcher’s Club

I am not an adventurous person. I was never one for all night parties, sex without regret, and experimentation of anything illegal, mind-altering, or past it’s expiration date. All my life, I thought it was shameful to be so tame, … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Ladies We Love: Lennon Parham And Jessica St. Clair

Hello! And welcome to the section of G.L.O.C. called “Gorgeous Ladies We Love,” where we discuss topical news about awesome ladies who have paved the way for us, whether they are old-school comediennes who have become national treasures (seriously, one … Continue reading

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A Couple Sweet Podcasts for Your Ears

GLOCs own CAITLIN TEGART’s podcast, Caitorade, is really great.  It’s in its early stages with only 6 episodes in the bag, but they are chock full of Roseanne references & interesting ladies and gents (mostly from around the UCB NY … Continue reading

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