Can I be listed on your blogroll?

Absolutely. If you consider yourself a gorgeous lady of comedy then so do we.  If you’re not listed on the side bar it’s no intentional oversight. Send an email  to contactgloc[at]gmail.com with your name, link and current city and you’ll be listed.

Will you review my show?

Yes.  GLOC will review improv, sketch, your book, your web series or play.  Send an email to contactgloc[at]gmail.com with show dates, a hi-res poster or image (.jpg) from your show.  Please include comp information.

Will you interview me?

Sure!  Send an email to contactgloc[at]gmail.com with some information about what you’re currently working on.

I have an idea for a column/article, do you want to hear it?

Absolutely. Pitch us real good.