What's the deal with Hot Pockets?

by Glennis McMurray

I’m often asked what prompted me to start G.L.O.C. and my answer usually boils down to the obvious—power in numbers. Look at all the gorgeous ladies doin’ what they do! Indisputable awesome lady evidence in blog form! But it is really so much more and I often find myself skirting the topic to avoid discussing what feels taboo: Women in comedy. Well, what good am I as the editor of a website about gorgeous ladies of comedy if I can’t talk about the ladies and the issues that surround us? So grab your cawfee, ladies and gents, and let’s discuss. I’ll try not to get verklempt.

For whatever reason (save it for therapy) I am a natural born analyst. I find myself able to understand immediately why people do what they do. The root of their decisions. The inception of their words even stemming back so far as their childhood. I may not know the specifics of the situation, but it’s pretty easy to see the root cause. I probably should have been a psychologist but I lacked the academic discipline and needed more love than my parents were able to give me (therapy!) so I did what anyone in my situation might—I became a comedian, screaming “Love me, world!” And I love comedy, but I often find myself watching my peers—on stage or interacting off-stage—with an analytical eye. Dudes be actin’ all like this and ladies be actin’ like this, y’all! I started to become fascinated with the way women, myself included, treated each other and ourselves vs. the actions of men.

I admit it—I’ve been bitten by the bug of envy. I’ve looked at another lady and silently raged over her accomplishments. I’ve dogged, catted and birded my way through her wardrobe, hair, mannerisms and material. Somehow I thought doing so would make me feel better, but I always ended up feeling worse in the end. Not to get all after school special on your asses, but what really felt great was starting this blog to recognize the awesome in each and every one of us. Because it is there. In all of us. Yes, even you. (Therapy.) I wasn’t able to admit that I operated this way until I witnessed my boyfriend, a stand-up, bomb on stage (a rare occurrence) only to be followed by an acquaintance of his who killed. I could tell my boo was bummed about his set, but he had been performing for so many years that he was able to shake it off pretty quickly. But as we stood watching this other comic slaughter the audience I felt overcome by frustration. How embarrassing! How will he face this guy, the audience, himself post-show knowing that he didn’t conjure up the same laughs? Then I looked at my boyfriend’s face and saw something amazing—support. He was laughing. He was enjoying the success of his peer and when his set was done my boyfriend said, “Man, he’s funny.”

Say whaaaaa?

The comedy world is divided into groups and cliques just like any other society. Stay away from the Socs, Ponyboy. So when my friends dogged on a lady comic from another “group” I found myself joining in. When I decided to start this blog I made a pact with myself that it would be all-inclusive. Like the Sandals Resort of blogs. No one calling themselves a gorgeous lady of comedy would be excluded based on popularity or politics. Power in numbers. I started reaching out to the gals with which my comedy path had never crossed or, worse, the ones I’d heard being dogged on by my peers. And you know what I found? They_Are_Awesome. Without exception.

I’m no Pollyanna (she was lame), but I do think changing our minds about how we treat each other will change the way the world sees us as a whole. This site spotlights the ladies who call themselves comedians, but I hope its message reaches all women regardless of their connection to comedy. Deep down we’re all Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy, aren’t we? So look to the successes of the ladies around you and let it fuel your own. Because if we can’t bond over a shared comedic sensibility, can we at least get along because we’re all women fighting the good fight together? I think so. Now get off my dress, bitch. I have an audition to get to.