I Love Your Style: Lizzy Cooperman

Lizzy Cooperman on stage

Lizzy Cooperman in Action - Photo: Ted Twyman

Style is an extension of your persona. When you’re onstage exposing that persona, what you wear can say a lot about who you are. I think lady comics have some killer style, in this new column I’ll pick one fabulously fashionable funny female to invite us into her closet to discuss her style inspirations and maybe even offer up some garb for grabs.

This week’s style spotlight: LIZZY COOPERMAN!

Lizzy Cooperman: She’s kicking LA’s butt with a sense of humor and a sense of style that’s 100% her own and it’s 100% awesome. She’s been on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Last Comic Standing, MTV, Tosh.0, The History Channel, FunnyOrDie.com and in the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. She’s one third of the hilarious comedy group Birds of Prey and currently writes for The Dish on The Style Network (of course!). Plus she has some of the best bangs in the biz. Great jokes and great hair?! Yes, things for the lovely, laugh-inducing Lizzy are looking good.

Giulia: I love your style!

Lizzy: Thanks so much for interviewing me!

G: How do you think your style reflects who you are/what does your style say about you?

L: It might reflect my bad eyesight? I wear many shades of black at once, and am slow to discover rips and stains. I like things that are dark, flexible, and that I don’t need to adjust.

G: Is your onstage wardrobe different than your day-to-day clothes?

L: Yes, but they share a certain level of dishevelment.

G: What’s your favorite onstage outfit?

L: A black dress with a t-shirt underneath…It normally orbits around leggings.

Lizzy Cooperman

Black dress, T-shirt, adorable bangs - Photo: MySpace.com

G: What’s your favorite off-stage outfit?

L: I feel more myself in my nighttime/stand-up clothes than in normal day clothes. I feel like no matter what I put on during the day, I’m always a little sorceress-y.

Lizzy Cooperman Leopard Print Dress

Lizzy makes one hot wizard -Photo: studiofred.com

G: What are your style inspirations and/or favorite designers?

L:I like Marc Jacobs and Jack the Pumpkin King.

G: What’s your favorite place to shop?

L: Many of my favorite things have been passed down by my lovely friends, and the yellow plastic bags in my closet all say Forever 21.

G: What’s your most recent favorite find?

L: I just got this strapless one-piece from the aforementioned XX1.

Lizzy Cooperman One Piece

A fab Forever 21 find!

L: Or a rediscovery—these shoes I just had repaired.

Lizzy Cooperman shoes

Killer kicks!

G: Have any on-stage or off-stage style pet peeves?

L: Yes…When a personality and a style don’t seem to mesh.

G: If money were no object, what would be your dream on-stage costume/outfit?

L: Why did I imagine having a tail? Okay, same as now but more Halloween-esque.

G: Any style advice or anything you’d like to add?

L: It can be hard to watch someone onstage if you feel they’ve labored over their outfit.

G: Lastly, got an item you want to give away, sell or trade?

L: Sure! This top haggle wrap dress. I used to sell them for a living!

Lizzy Cooperman Dress

Up for grabs.

Want some Cooperman couture in your closet? Email giulia[at]thegloc.net to snag this frock.

See Lizzy March 25 8:30pm & 10:30pm at the Improv Lab. More at lizzycooperman.com


About giuliarozzi

Giulia Rozzi is a comedian, actress and writer who hosts the popular sex themed storytelling show “Stripped Stories” monthly at the UCB NY and Dive Comedy every 2nd & 4th Monday at Freddy’s in Brooklyn. She’s been seen on MTV, VH1, and CNN, and has contributed to BUST, Glamour, AOL, Playgirl, NY Press, the books Mortified: Real People, Real Words, Real Pathetic and My Parents Were Awesome, and the MTV series Silent Library. More at GiuliaRozzi.com
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