The GLOCdown: A G.L.O.C.-To-Be

Welcome to THE GLOCdown: The best 30 seconds of stand-up, storytelling, characters or sketch from you, the G.L.O.C., brought to you weekly by ARIEL KARLIN.

5-Year-Old Has Found Her Dream Job

In this week’s GLOCdown, this badass 5-year-old G.L.O.C.-to-be sets out her strategy for succeeding in comedy. She’s going to memorize and analyze the jokes of a comedian she admires so that she can figure out how to be a better writer, comedian and storyteller. (When we were 5, we just had lots of angst about dioramas…) Yes, this video is already pretty old in internet years, but repeated viewings just bring more and more inspiration.  Watching this vid makes you want to skip the beer after the show to go home and get to work, and bide the time until this little girl is president of comedy.
Watch the entire video here.
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Ariel loves comedy. She performs with PIT house team Local 154 and is the creator of The Do What's In Your Heart Show: A Night of Live Storytelling & Uplifting Bits.
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