G.L.O.C. Lynx!

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Welcome to our weekly round-up of web-tested, G.L.O.C. approved links.  Get to clickin’.

A thoughtful DODAI STEWART examines the shaming of a pre-teen internet oddity, the not-yet voluptuous horror of REBECCA BLACK. [Jezebel]

Speaking of, itsy bitsy teeny weeny curly headed CJ FAMS—another Ark Factory alum—is hugely creepy. [YouTube]

Let’s go for three with this clip from TLC’s horror show, Outrageous Kid Parties, where a tyke named Aniston (no, for reals, though) has a “pop star” birthday that’s sure to make anyone with a vague moral code uncomfortable. [The Soup Blog]

There’s comedy everywhere you look … Especially if you’re looking at a stupid Post-It note from your useless middle manager. [Post It Notes From My Idiot Boss]

Hilarious scamp EDITH ZIMMERMAN confronts the baffling marketing for Jockey’s new vajayjay cooling drawers.  [The Hairpin]

Fresh off getting her own book deal & TV show pilot, Canadian comedy sensation—and mom of 3—Kelly Oxford is NOT in the mood for judge-y idiots with no sense of humor that make being a parent harder than it already is.  Bravo! [Kelly Oxford Tumblr]

Speaking of how being a Mommy can be rough, enjoy this Blast From the Drag-Queen-Dialogue-Staples Past:  “Incidentally…Which one of you bitches is my mother?” [YouTube]

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