I Love Your Style: Bethany Van Delft

Ms. Van Delft in stylish comedic action.

Style is an extension of your persona. When you’re onstage exposing that persona, what you wear can say a lot about who you are. I think lady comics have some killer style, in this new column I’ll pick one fabulously fashionable funny female to invite us into her closet to discuss her style inspirations and (if they have something) to offer up some garb for grabs.

This week’s style spotlight: BETHANY VAN DELFT!

With her brilliant sense of humor and brilliant big afro, Bethany Van Delft is a unique, chic, comedian on the rise. She is a founding member and producer of “Colorstruck: Women of Color in Comedy” and the co-host/producer of The Dress Up Show (where comics dress snazzy for the stage). She was recently a semi-finalist in the 2011 Boston Comedy Festival and was a finalist in the inaugural “Comedy Leagues” at The 2010 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. And she’s a former fashion model, so it’s no wonder she knows a thing or two about looking good while kicking ass. Funny and foxy, this Boston-based gal has got it going on.

Giulia: I love your style!
Bethany: Thanks!

G: How do you think your style reflects who you are/what does your style say about you?
B: My style reflects me in that I have SO many interests, and things I want to try and do, that don’t necessarily go together on paper. I have fun finding ways to make them all work together.

G: Is your onstage wardrobe different than your day-to-day clothes?
B: I try to look more polished on stage than I might day-to-day, even if it’s a casual look. People in the audience have made plans, bought tickets, got a sitter to come out to a show. I like to let them know I appreciate that by at least taking a shower and wearing clean, hole-less clothes. If I dress up on stage, I try to keep simple and stick to solid colors, and clean lines. I used to dress very fashion-y, with huge heels and crazy outfits, but I’ve come to think it’s really distracting for stand-up comedy. People aren’t really listening to your punchlines when they are trying to figure out what the fuck you are wearing.

G: What’s your favorite onstage outfit?
B: My all time favorite outfit on stage was for a themed comedy show I co-produce called The Dress Up Show where we all dress up. The theme was “Jersey Shore”, need I say more?

Snooki Van Delft!

G: What’s your favorite off-stage outfit?
B: I’ve had at least one pair of skinny black jeans and one pair of black leggings since the ’80s. In the summer with t-shirts and funky sneakers, winter with motorcycle boots and cool jumpers, or dressed up with huge heels.

Bethany off-stage in her must-have black denim.

G: What are your style inspirations and/or favorite designers?
B: I love Ann Demeulemeester, Rodarte, Comme des Garcon, Rag & Bone. I love NY street fashion, every trip I come home with some new little idea.

G: What’s your favorite place to shop?
B: I love to “shop” at All Saint Spitalfields and Barneys, and look forward to having enough money to actually leave those stores with bags. For now, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, H&M, Target. I miss the real Filene’s Basement (in Boston) terribly.

G: What’s your most recent favorite find?
B: A pair of tan Italian oxford shoes from Daffy’s. I LOVE them!!

The shoes! Molto bella!

G: Have any on-stage or off-stage style pet peeves?
B: On stage I don’t like when comics look sloppy and unbathed. Off stage, I don’t care for the “I wore all my favorite things at the same time today!” look. And I hate the Pod of girls going to the club” uniform, where they all look like identical sex professionals.

G: If money were no object, what would be your dream on-stage costume/outfit?
B: I’d buy Barney’s.

G: Any style advice or anything you’d like to add?
B: Don’t ever say “Oh, I wish I could wear that!” Wear it.

G: Lastly, got an item you want to give away, sell or trade?
B: Unfortunately, I just moved and got rid of 80% of the crap in my closet, but if comedy keeps going well, check back with me in 6 months.

Catch Bethany this Friday 3/18 & Saturday 3/19 at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA. More at bethanyvandelft.com


About giuliarozzi

Giulia Rozzi is a comedian, actress and writer who hosts the popular sex themed storytelling show “Stripped Stories” monthly at the UCB NY and Dive Comedy every 2nd & 4th Monday at Freddy’s in Brooklyn. She’s been seen on MTV, VH1, and CNN, and has contributed to BUST, Glamour, AOL, Playgirl, NY Press, the books Mortified: Real People, Real Words, Real Pathetic and My Parents Were Awesome, and the MTV series Silent Library. More at GiuliaRozzi.com
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2 Responses to I Love Your Style: Bethany Van Delft

  1. Shahidah says:

    I agree your style is hawwwwwwwwwwwwt and the fro -to die fo!

  2. Maria Ciampa says:

    The lady DOES have style. I’ll be checking in with her in 6 months.

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