JUST ASK KIPPY: Only (Girl) The Lonely


I know this is going to sound dumb, but after watching Rihanna’s song “Only Girl” win a prize at the Grammys, I do not know what someone would have to do to make me feel like the Only Girl in the World. For Rhianna, it has to do with becoming a prisoner. Or something. Can you tell me Kippy is there something wrong with me if I don’t want the life of romantic solitude Rihanna wants? I think being the Only Girl in the World would be kind of lonesome. Am I being too literal?

Loving my sisters,
Not the Only Girl in the World

Darling Dear!

I am afraid I didn’t catch Les Grammys this year … so my response will most certainly require some research. Perhaps you’ll help a sister out and forward any pertinent links??

Merci in advance!

Miss Kippy—

I am honored that you responded to me which gives me faith that you are a real person and not that robot that won Jeopardy.

Here is Rihanna, doing her thing:

She did not perform this song at the Grammys but the track won one of those best-dance-song-from-an-album-with-female-vocals-and-more-than-one-person-singing kind of overstating it categories they have.

Please do what you can to help decode Rihanna for me.

Thanks again for listening,


My oh my. This is quite a doozie … Rihanna’s voice and looks just don’t stop. Yow! This song oddly reminds me of my younger and more vulnerable years … As an undergraduate, I was once so taken with a song (in this instance Journey’s classic “Any Way You Want It”) that I wrote a 7 page paper defending it as a sincere love ballad and not the raucous ride-for-the-ears it really is!

Thank you, Not The Only Girl In The World, for educating my elder Kippy ways. I have heard this song at delis and on dance floors. I’ve tapped my foot and tooted my scoot curious to know just who the chanteuse was. I do love Rihanna. In fact, “Umbrella” is one of my fave tunes of the past five years. It was in reading an article by Sasha Frere-Jones of The New Yorker that I learned the word “anodyne” in conjunction with Ms. Rihanna’s hit about friendship.

As for “Only Girl (In the World)” I see how the lyrics do prove to be a bit of a predicament. Surely, one likes to be made to feel special … but the only girl?? Well, that is the stuff of overstatements in the pop music sphere! While I love a little enigma, and shades of gray suit me just fine, this song seems to be a bit of froth written by a man (or in actuality a committee: Crystal Johnson, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen and Sandy Vee are, in fact, responsible for this song’s creation). Perhaps that is why one is so Confucius upon hearing it! Stay true to your own worldly desires—it doesn’t matter if you wear them on your sleeve or keep them close to your vest, so long as you don’t listen to the stuff of pop songs! Surely your lover will understand your hopes to never be a prisoner.

Now about that dress she wore … my eyes nearly popped out of my head! What a bombshell! More bomb than shell perhaps, but that’s how the saying goes.


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