Permission Granted: You Can Coach Improv

Women wait for permission. We want to make sure it’s OK to take the next step and that everyone approves of us in out new venture, whether it’s writing, acting, directing, producing, improvising, or making a poster. What if we overstepped our boundaries and even one person didn’t think we were ready to do what we want to do? THE WORLD WOULD EXPLODE! Oh, wait. No. Nothing would happen, except we’d be closer to achieving our goals and making it easier for other women to follow in our footsteps.

So I am going to give you permission. Who am I to give you permission to do anything? No one, but who are you waiting for anyway?

You Can Coach Improv!

You can coach improv. Obviously you can. Do you do improv? Do you watch improv? Are you not crazy? OK, great, how do I contact you? Oh, you’re afraid to tell people you want to coach and are instead just waiting for someone to ask you so you don’t risk putting yourself out there and being rejected. Yeah, I’m on to you, lady. Well, that could happen. I literally can’t name a time it ever happened, but, sure maybe you’re so especially bad that you’ll be the first. OMG, you’re like so special! Here’s the truth: people have probably thought to themselves: When is she gonna start coaching? She would be a great coach. Not that we care what they think. We care what you think. If you think you can coach, coach and do it soon. Someone else got your first coaching gig while you were reading this post. So don’t re-read it: you get the point. See you soon, coach.
Join us for a party to celebrate the launch of on March 31st from 6-8pm at 92Y Tribeca (200 Hudson Street @ Canal)! Tickets:

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One Response to Permission Granted: You Can Coach Improv

  1. Mary Adkins says:

    Fantastic. Is this a new column? I hope so because it’s fantastic.

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