G.L.O.C. Launch Sponsor Shout Out

The launch party to celebrate our becoming a .net (swoosh) is a mere 24 days away. Have you saved the date (March 31st) and time (6-8pm)? Have you cleared space in your room for all the sweet gifts you’ll bring home? Have you called your friends in other parts of the country poring over every detail of a party they’ll probably miss due to the rising cost of flights? That’s not very nice, but we understand your braggadocio. I mean, check out our amazing sponsors!

The first hundred guests will walk away with armloads of goodies nestled inside a one-of-a-kind screen printed tote bag with our new logo designed by G.L.O.C. ABBI JACOBSON. Each and every attendee will be entered into our free raffle with prize packages ranging from a Marc Jacobs bag and show tickets to a manicure and GLOCktails with yours truly.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now! Proceeds go to 92Y Tribeca, G.L.O.C. and Gilda’s Club of NYC.


About Admin

Founder/Executive Editor at G.L.O.C., co-creator of Dance Dance Party Party, performer, lover, den mother, certain to bust a mean move in your direct vicinity.
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