G.L.O.C. Lynx!

Photo: theolivepress.es

Welcome to our weekly round-up of web-tested, G.L.O.C. approved links.  Get to clickin’.

A photo round up of awesome lady graffiti writers. [Flavorwire]

Abusing women is NOT ACCEPTABLE—except in Hollywood. There, it’s like only slightly naughty, like a puff off a menthol or eating the whole bag of Reduced Fat Cheetos in one sitting.  [NY Times]

But wait- there’s hope!  Because GEENA DAVIS & NICOLE KIDMAN have some ideas on how show biz can shape up and show broads some love. [Yahoo News]

This is why your cat’s not married. [HuffPo]

Mike Huckabee attacks engaged Oscar winner NATALIE PORTMAN for being pregnant prior to marriage & sending a “bad message”.  We think the only bad message here is his dumbass assertion that marriage will some how “save” economically disadvantaged women. [E! Online]

Take a sneaky peek at CHELSEA HANDLER’S new show After Lately before it premieres this Sunday, with funny ladies SARAH COLONA, HEATHER MCDONALD, and the irrepressible LONI LOVE.  [YouTube]

JESSICA ROAKE—and her baby—need a much-deserved drink to deal with your no-kids-in-bars whining. [The Hairpin]

That’s what Bea said. [TWBS]


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