Gorgeous Ladies We Love, Parents Edition: Amy, Bill, And Eileen Poehler

It’s sorta no duh that AMY POEHLER is a Gorgeous Lady We Love. Honestly, she has directly and indirectly been responsible for…I’m gonna say every friendship I have in New York, on account of the fact that almost everyone I know is somehow a product of the U.C.B. Theatre. So I love her for that, but also because, you know, she’s amazingly talented.

I just discovered that I’m also in love with Amy’s parents, Bill and Eileen Poehler, of the Burlington, MA Poehlers. (Fun fact, I worked at the Burlington Mall for way too long after graduating college, so I’m familiar with the area‘s subtle charms.) The Poehlers were featured in a Wall Street Journal article today, it’s an amazing read that will make you want to pick up and head to Burlington to hug these people and then hang out on their couch with them just to absorb their awesomeness. Some highlights:

Bill Poehler, on Amy and husband Will Arnett: Will and Amy like to pretend they’re us. We don’t think it’s very funny, but they think it’s hilarious.

Bill & Eileen, on Amy’s desire to perform:

Bill: After she graduated, she’s in our kitchen and we say, “So, what do you think you’re going to do?” And she says, “I think I’m going to continue with the acting thing.”

Eileen: Not an actress. She’s going to be an improv comedienne.

Bill: Improv. And Eileen and I, at that moment, we say, “Oh, that’s great. Do whatever makes you happy, honey.” We walk into the other room, look at each other, and say, “Oh my God! We just spent all that money and now she’s going to be an actress?”

Bill, on his least favorite character: I guess the one-legged hyperactive farting girl.

How can you not love these people?


About lizblack

Liz Black is an entertainment writer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She has improvised and written several sketch comedy shows which she performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and most recently directed the sketch group Gentleman Caller. She has a blog, www.whoisliz.wordpress.com, and she really enjoys NY1 and burritos.
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