G.L.O.C. Lynx!

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Welcome to our weekly round-up of web-tested, G.L.O.C. approved links.  Get to clickin’.

RUSH LIMBAUGH—YES, that Rush Limbaugh, the fat one—throws shade at First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA’S being physically fit.  This really happened.   [The Root]

Classic & classy Wonder Woman LYNDA CARTER is stoked for the new incarnation of her iconic role. [Latina]

Helpful & optimistic EMMA BARKER rounds up some home cooked lady health remedies, just in case the nut jobs really DO shut down Planned Parenthood! [The Hairpin]

CHRIS BROWN announces he’s going to make us “wet the bed”. Hopefully, not as a result of his punching & biting us. [The Fab Life]

Horses deserve reproductive rights more than women, according to the anti-choice House contingent. Again…this really happened. [Blog for Choice]

Thrice married and divorced TRACY MCMILLAN tells you why you’re not married . [HuffPo]

JESSICA RAVITZ says “Shut it about why I’m not married, you”.  [CNN]

‘Zines seen—at the VENA CAVA show during Fashion Week. [Marisa Marisa Marisa Tumblr]

And in “3rd grader tactics” news, the genius that is SARAH PALIN seems to have poorly penned phony letters to newspaper editors, praising…wait for it…herself. [Jezebel]


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