JUST ASK KIPPY: Blow It Loud, Blow It Proud.

Dear Kippy,

I work for an aid society for aging magicians, and I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with my boss’ spending habits. She regularly charges expensive dinners and domestic and international travel to the company, but I know that these dinners and travel are not magic-related.  I am responsible for recording these funds in our account logs, and I’m  worried that I’m complicit in her embezzlement if I don’t speak up, but I don’t want to get fired. Our organization is a nonprofit–I haven’t had a raise in three years.  I am dedicated to serving the magic community, so I continue to work in these uncomfortable circumstances. Should I blow the whistle?

Concerned for Magicians and Concerned for Me

Dear Double Concerned,

Can’t you just say “Abracadabra” and make the embezzlement disappear?

No really, I am sorry to hear that you are working in such unpleasant
circumstances. I have a friend whose boss once tried to include K-Y
Jelly, which he’d purchased for his Ukranian mistress, in a work
expense report. (Said boss is long gone.) Just how is your boss

Really, it depends on how committed you are to the magic industry. Do
you read Poof magazine? Perhaps you could send an anonymous
letter … they did it on The Jersey Shore! Or you could keep a record
of how these expenses don’t match up. Either way, at some point you’ll
have to confront some distressing consequences. Certainly you don’t
want to be inculcated for this mess! Jail isn’t cute for anyone’s
look … so, as they say in the fashion industry “CYA” … cover your
ass! Then when the authorities come calling you can say “Voila” and
provide the evidence to put your boss in the big house.

Last bit of wisdom: I would advise you to start looking for jobs at
for-profit companies. Not-for-profits are beyond hope when it comes to
paychecks–even magicians can’t save their sorry souls!



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