Review: Grease 3: THREASE


The cast of GREASE 3: THREASE look like they’re having as much fun as the audience is at their performance—which, based on the howls of delight, is quite a lot.  This rollicking 45-minute original comedy musical is an homage to both the sloppily assembled, campy teen dream of the first Grease film and the odd, forced merriment of its (widely denounced & much lesser) sequel, Grease 2.  The show manages to celebrate the worst, most clunky & inexplicable aspects of both films, but with a measure of love and, yes, even reverence that make this a show for Grease fans and foes alike.

Comedy singer-songwriter powerhouse SHAYNA FERM teamed up with KATHERINE BRYANT FLAHERTY to write the original songs for the show, as well as the many hilarious scripted bits interspersed.  The story centers on the obviously way-too-mature-to-be “teenage” students of Schmydell High being forced to learn hard lessons about racial profiling, tolerance—and NOT ditching your garbage baby in a bathroom stall during the talent show intermission.  Along the way, the audience is treated to a laser tag extravaganza, the appearance of a mysterious foreign student in a burqua, a ballroom dance-off, and even a visit from Frenchie herself, pink wig, nasal whine and all—yep, she’s still pathetically hanging around.

GREASE 3 is a fun, unselfconscious and ambitious show that packs a lot of jokes from its ensemble cast into a short time.  It’s absurd, obscene—and hilarious.  While not every member of the cast is a superb singer (or pretends to be), the strong comedic performances more than make up for any gaps in vocal technique.  Kudos to LIVIA SCOTT for her spot on Stockard Channing channeling, sprinkled with stock 1950’s bad girl menace.  Her performance was a genuine treat, and alternated seamlessly between an air of great mimicry and total commitment—no easy task.

Check this show out during its run, and plan to cackle out loud with glee at the cast’s wicked and well-observed spoofery.  Linger after for a drink at the P.I.T.’s sparkling new performance venue, complete with a welcoming new bar—and, if you’re like me, try to figure out what the hell Michelle Pfieffer was hopped up on in Grease 2. (Seriously!  Look at her pupils! She looks like she got into the goofballs in a big way.)

Music & Book by
Shayna Ferm & Katherine Bryant Flaherty
Friday February 25th @ 8 PM
The P.I.T.
123 East 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
Buy tickets here
(212) 563-7488


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