The GLOCDOWN: Smart Girls At The Party

Welcome to THE GLOCdown: The best 30 seconds of stand-up, storytelling, characters or sketch from you, the G.L.O.C., brought to you weekly by ARIEL KARLIN.


This week’s GLOCDOWN makes us jealous of anyone who is currently a child.  Kids these days are lucky enough to have a web series hosted by Amy Poehler where she promises at the beginning of each episode to “celebrate extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves.”  Every show features Poehler conducting non-condescending (nondescending?  We’re starting it!) interviews with awesome young girls who are budding feminists, writers, engineers and other leaders of the future.  Producer Meredith Walker and musical director Amy Miles appear on screen as Poehler’s sorta co-hosts after she introduces them as her “best friends,” so each episode also has the vibe of ladies just having fun and being nice to each other.  To top it off, everything is always wrapped up with a full on, celeb-filled dance party (as seen above) to a theme song that declares that “smart girls have more fun.”
Watch full episodes of Smart Girls at the Party here, if you can keep your child-envy in check.
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About Ariel

Ariel loves comedy. She performs with PIT house team Local 154 and is the creator of The Do What's In Your Heart Show: A Night of Live Storytelling & Uplifting Bits.
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