G.L.O.C. Lynx!

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Welcome to our weekly round-up of web-tested, G.L.O.C. approved links.  Get to clickin’.

Comedian & writer KATE SPENCER to SXSW Comedy Lineup: “You forgot something.” [Kate’s Tumblr] “No worries, let me remind you.” Because if there’s one thing we women do well, it’s nag (not tell jokes). Amirite, SXSW bookers?! [Kate’s Tumblr]

The SXSW a.k.a. “1 Vag To Rep Us All” Comedy Lineup. [SXSW]

ASHANTI’s multi-tasking shoes: Pleasing the eye whilst flipping the bird. [Go Fug Yourself]

Let’s not be drunk on our date.  [The Frenemy]

LILY TOMLIN pays her own way to porno flicks, thankyouverymuch. [TheAVClub]

It’s OK to be sick of the royal wedding brouhaha—literally: [HuffPo]

TINA FEY on the rudest question you can ask a woman, being a working mom who happens to have her dream job, and how “crazy”= no longer fuckable. [Flavorwire]

Snookis of the world, rejoice: pickle toothpaste. [Archie McPhee]

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