The GLOCDOWN: Girls Side

Welcome to THE GLOCdown: The best 30 seconds of stand-up, storytelling, characters or sketch from you, the G.L.O.C., brought to you weekly by ARIEL KARLIN.

Girls Side
with Lorraine Cink & Michelle Ciotta

When the New York Observer released its list of the “100 Funniest Tumblrs…Ever” last Friday, we were happy to see that G.L.O.C.s LORRAINE CINK and MICHELLE CIOTTA of the vlogging duo GIRLS SIDE made the cut.  These two have been making videos together ever since they bonded on the walk to the subway after an improv class, and they release a new video every Monday at  Here they are examining some Suzuki swords that Lorraine found among all her stuff when moving apartments. We checked in with them to find out how to spell “Suzuki” and to see who out of everyone in the world they would most like to make demands of using the method Lorraine describes above.  We found out that our guess on how to spell it was right, and that Lorraine would demand that BILL GATES give her “all of his money and his snappy fashion sense,” while Michelle would get a private chef who’s “a specialist in cheeseburgers” to make her at least four small meals a day.
You can watch the entire video here.
And you can follow Girls Side’s famous tumblr here.
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100 Funniest Tumblrs…Ever [NY Observer]


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