Aw, Snap!

One of our favorite photogs, ANYA GARRETT, who titillated our eyeballs with her 365 Flickr project, has a new photography series called “52v2”.  The project will feature a monthly theme with a new self-portrait every week for 52 weeks.

#6 - MyTAT!!!!!

When I was starting as a photographer, I got my first press for taking pictures of myself. A book and 3 projects later, my self-portraits strangely still seem to get more views than my other work. Maybe because my audience grows with me, or learns more about me, maybe it’s just that I know my own boundaries and always push them.
This time around, each month will fit a theme. February’s theme is WORST FACEBOOK PHOTOS. The kind of profile images that make you ponder, “Is this person someone I want to be “friends” with in any sense of the word?” And then answer, “NOPE—decidedly not.” What is less attractive than a brand new tattoo of a stale internet meme?

Follow the progress of 52v2 here:

Learn more about ANYA and her hot body of work here:


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