The GLOCdown: Maya Rudolph

Welcome to THE GLOCdown: The best 30 seconds of stand-up, storytelling, characters or sketch from you, the G.L.O.C., brought to you weekly by ARIEL KARLIN.

Maya Rudolph on Weekend Update

All of the hubbub over the release of the Bridesmaids trailer this past week brought up the important issue that Maya Rudolph is so funny.  And soon we’ll all get to watch her star in a comedy again.  Good for us!  So for this week’s GLOCDOWN, we’re revisiting an old fave: here’s Maya Rudolph being Whitney Houston on Weekend Update, and here’s a helpful list of all the episodes where you can find Maya being Whitney.
You can watch the entire segment here.
And you can stream all of Maya Rudolph’s Whitney Houston appearances on Netflix.
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About Ariel

Ariel loves comedy. She performs with PIT house team Local 154 and is the creator of The Do What's In Your Heart Show: A Night of Live Storytelling & Uplifting Bits.
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1 Response to The GLOCdown: Maya Rudolph

  1. My favorite character of hers! BOBBI BROWN? (shoulders bouncing) Arright!

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