The GLOCDOWN: Jenna Brister and the BTK Band

Welcome to THE GLOCDOWN: the best 30-seconds of stand-up, storytelling, characters or sketch from you, the G.L.O.C., brought to you weekly by ARIEL KARLIN.

“Tiny Little Ducks Follow Me Around”
by Jenna Brister & the BTK Band

Here’s storyteller/children’s drumset player JENNA BRISTER talking about the pet ducks she bought in college, backed by the BTK Band, who bill themselves as New York City’s hardest-drinking improvised rock & roll storytelling band.  About her current pet status, Jenna says, “Since the ducks, I’ve owned two fish here in Brooklyn. Both were betas, and died preeetty soon after purchase.”  In response to prodding about what pet she’d have if she didn’t have New York apartment/job/busy-ness/grossness restrictions, she says, “If I could have any pet now, I would get one of those chowchow dogs that look like bears. I would name it Bobby D, after Robert DeNiro, and I would raise it as if it were a bear.”
You can watch Jenna’s entire story here.
The BTK Band includes G.L.O.C.s JENNA BRISTER (children’s drumset), MARGOT BERCY (percussion) and LESLIE GOSHKO (piano) as well as PETER AGUERO (lead vocals), RORY SCHOLL (lead guitar), IAN C. DUNN (rhythm guitar), JEFF SCHERER (bass, mandolin, melodica), NELSON WATERS (violin, guitar) and BRAD LAWRENCE (voice, harmonica).  Their next show is February 14th at 9:00pm at Under St. Mark’s Theater.
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About Ariel

Ariel loves comedy. She performs with PIT house team Local 154 and is the creator of The Do What's In Your Heart Show: A Night of Live Storytelling & Uplifting Bits.
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