Kickstart the week with The Broadway Warm-up!

Kickstarter’s week five has us singing and dancing for joy in anticipation of THE BROADWAY WARM-UP — KIM STERN and DEIDRE GOODWIN’s phenomenal concept for keeping performers healthy and performance ready.

What was the inspiration for The Broadway Warm-Up (TBW)?
KIM: As a private voice teacher I had been working with students for years who were singers who danced. They would warm –up vocally before a show but leave out a physical warm-up.  I also worked with dancers who sang who would do a dance warm up but leave out the vocals. They felt shy, didn’t know exactly what to do or just didn’t have the time. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could combine a vocal and dance warm-up so that they could help each other?”
DEE: and when Kim approached me, starting out as a dancer I instantly knew it was a genius concept
How long have you both been working with the project from conception to now?
D: Kim & I have been working on the project since November of 2009 but Kim has been “brewing” the idea for over a decade now.
How has working on this impacted you creatively?  Personally?  Professionally?
K: So many ways, when Dee & I get together it’s like a creative think tank. Whether it is ideas about the warm-up, marketing or visualizing the shoot, we are constantly bouncing things off each other.
Personally, the actual warm-up is something I know I have & will use on a regular basis.
Professionally, it keeps expanding my business and marketing savvy. Before working on TBW I had simply relied on word of mouth to grow my teaching business. Now I’m tweeting, and and Facebooking! I even posted my first YouTube video just the other day!
D: For me it has been a great learning experience. I am a gal who has an idea for “the next big thing” literally every few days. Some projects I pass on to others because I know it is their thing and the ones I take on myself end up looking like that junk drawer in your kitchen.
Working with Kim on The Broadway Warm-Up has forced me to take all of those bits and pieces and turn it into an actual product. Having a partner who is just as invested creatively and wanting an end product has given me the pride and ability to believe in myself make it a reality.
I have also loved learning about the business side of business. So much of my life and the way I function as a creative person. I never believed I could be a BUSINESS WOMAN! This is helping me get over that fear and become the Entrepreneur I have always longed to be.
What different strengths does each of you bring to the project?
K: Well, initially I thought our strengths would be obvious.  My strength focused on building and maintaining vocal technique and Dee brought her dance expertise to the table.  As we’ve worked together, I’ve discovered it doesn’t stop there.  While we both have drive and passion for this project, Dee’s technological savvy is a great advantage- for example, she got us set up with Gmail so that we could share documents and communicate easily.  She’s still trying to get me to use tabs instead of new windows on my computer and I’m slowly evolving to that.  I think another strength that I bring to TBW is ability to reach out and find resources to help us reach our goal.
D: I am the rain man of computers & geeky technology.
Does TBW’s format work for all genres of dancing and singing?
D: Yes. This initial version of TBW is a great general warm-up for anyone getting ready to sing, dance or act.  As we continue to develop we will be releasing alternate versions that will focus on specific genres.
Is there a component of TBW that can also be personalized for performers who have particular issues?
K: Absolutely.  While TBW video will be available for performers looking for a complete efficient warm-up for virtually any performance.  We will also be offering individualized versions of the warm-up geared towards a specific need.  Performers will have the opportunity to meet with us either face to face or via Skype and discuss vocal/physical issues as well as what they need to accomplish in their show. We will then create a version of the warm-up that is tailored to those parameters and either teach this individualized warm-up in person during 3-4 follow up sessions or offer a  audio/video download.
D: We will have someone demonstrating a modified version of the warm-up with the group so any dance level can follow along.
There will also be different options if the vocal range goes to high or too low for an individual.
What are your long-term goals for TBW?
K: I would like TBW to be something that performers know and use on a regular basis.   I envision someone coming into a theatre before a show and seeing someone doing TBW and joining in because it’s just what you do. We also hope to create a version of TBW that will be a fun workout for anyone interested in staying active and having fun.   We see TBW being recognized world wide as the sign of a professional performer.
D: We are also donating $1 for every video sold, or downloaded to The Actors Fund. The Actors Fund is a nationwide human services organization that helps all professionals in performing arts and entertainment. The Fund is a safety net, providing programs and services for those who are in need, crisis or transition.
So for every video sold, The Broadway Warm-Up will help to maintain the health and well being of actors on every level.
K: Staying focused on one thing at a time.  There are so many aspects of putting this project together and it’s easy to focus on one thing and forget about the rest.  I think Dee and I are taking on the jobs of a staff of 50 right now… so it’s tricky to decide what takes precedence when things need to be addressed.
What has been the most challenging element of this endeavor?
D: Starting a project and not having “phases”. It is all happening at once while still making time for work and auditions and boyfriends/husbands. Ahhh Calgon take me away. It has been a happily stressful situation.
How did you get involved with Kickstarter?
K: I had had several friends who had raised funds through Kickstarter before and thought it was a great site for our project.
D: I wasn’t as familiar with Kickstarter. Now I check out the site not only to see our progress but to also make donations to other projects
Is Kickstarter something you’d recommend for other creative ladies?  Any advice to them?
D: You will learn a lot about how/if your product is truly a valued commodity and it helps with pre-marketing. People come out of the woodwork to support you and it is a great feeling.
K: Absolutely!  I’d say have a game plan as to how you are going to reach out to people before hand.  Spread the word about your project any way you can think of and don’t be afraid to reach out to everyone you know on a personal level.

You can find out more about THE BROADWAY WARM-UP on their website, Facebook page and on Twitter @broadwaywarmup.

The Broadway Warm-up’s Kickstarter page:

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