CCF: Local 154

My director KATE TELLERS and I have arrived!  In Charleston that is.  Our small 3-seater (per aisle) plane got us to Charleston in a matter of minutes (approximately 120).  We took the quick and queasy mode, but some of the Charleston performers are gettin’ down and dirty with a road trip through the good old highways and byways of America.

One such group, LOCAL 154, which features G.L.O.C.s ARIEL KARLIN (of The GLOCDOWN) and MANDY SCHMIEDER along with lovely gents RICH HOLLMAN, JAMES RICH, SAM DINGMAN, NATE WILLIAMS, OSCAR MONTOYA & BEN MASTEN, has put together a playlist for their roadtrip and now they share it with us.

Local 154

We will be driving the 15 hours to South Carolina together in a van. We hope we don’t kill each other so we can still do our shows in Charleston. Below is our soothing playlist for the road, with one chill song contributed by each Local 154 team member.

“I’m Awesome” by Spose
RICH HOLLMAN: Because this song will make you want to kill yourself or the guy who wrote it, but not each other.
“Jam On It” – Newcleus
JAMES RICH: I’m bringing a strobe light too. After all, we are in a minivan.
“Maybe This Time” – Liza Minelli
ARIEL KARLIN: In case the van lacks Liza.
“Jack Straw” – Grateful Dead
MANDY SCHMIEDER: Takes me right back to freshman year at College of Charleston. Though the whole “sharing the women” verse always kind of bothered me…
“Willin'” by Little Feat
SAM DINGMAN: Because at a certain point in the trip, it MIGHT start to feel marginally less badass to be tooling around in a cramped van in the name of the often-thankless pursuit of comedy. That’s when you need Little Feat to remind you that as long as you’ve got yer weed, whites, and wine, you might as well stay the course.
“Ten Cent Pistol” – The Black Keys
NATE WILLIAMS: One of their many awesome songs that hopefully will never end up in a car commercial. Super chill and soulful. Everyone is on this bandwagon, so I may not get points for originality, but they are great and also from Ohio, just like Nate Williams.
“This is the Day” – The The
OSCAR MONTOYA: Quite easily the best thing the 80s produced. It has the unfortunate privilege to be featured in an M &M commercial, however.
“Dead Flowers” – Rolling Stones
BEN MASTEN: Because it’s relatively calm for a Stones song, but still up-tempo enough that whoever is driving the van at 2 AM won’t fall asleep at the wheel and kill everyone. These are the kinds of things I think about on a road trip.

You can catch LOCAL 154 in the Charleston Comedy Festival on Friday, Jan 21 at 9pm and Saturday, Jan 22 at 7:30pm at Stars at The American Theater.



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