Kickstart your week with provocation and originality — RINGO

It’s week three and we’re talking with Yaara Sumeruk, director of a fantastic new original play, RINGO by playwright Chris Davis.


How did you get involved with RINGO?

I picked it out of a bunch of plays to direct for a reading series a few months ago, then later the playwright – Chris Davis – asked me to direct a staged production of it when it was accepted into John Chatterton’s Short Play Lab.  Now We’re raising money for a short film version of it on
What was the attraction of this play for you as a director?
I was attracted to its dark comedy, and because the material is original. It’s not every day that a woman hires a prostitute to role-play her son’s life. Or maybe it is. Who knows? It’s provocative. I like provocative.
How does this fit into or compare with your previous work?
There’s always a comedic thread through my work- whether overt or subtle. This is the darkest thing I’ve worked on… And I kinda enjoy making an audience laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time. Like bad sex, only enjoyable.
Has this project impacted you personally?  In what way?  How has it impacted you creatively?
This is the first time I’ve directed something that I feel truly blossomed through the rehearsal period- because I actually had a rehearsal period. I think I became a better director because of the process.
What are your long-term goals for RINGO once it is filmed?
Film festival circuit. And it’s a piece I’m going to show investors/producers when I’m shopping around my feature screenplay.
What has been the most challenging element of this project?
Not feeling bad about asking people to pledge money.
How did you get involved with Kickstarter?
My talented and gorgeous filmmaker friend Paola Mendoza encouraged me to do after she had raised money for her documentary on it.
Is Kickstarter something you’d recommend for other creative women in either film or theater?  Any advice to them?
Yes. For sure! Stay close to the meaning of what you’re doing, and present that when asking for funding – people respond to authenticity.
Where can people get more information on your project?
They can contact me via Kickstarter or at contact[at]
Would you like to add anything else?
I want to see more female protagonists in the cinema! I’m suffering from WMPF – white male protagonist fatigue. It doesn’t have to be feminist stories – take Black Swan or Tiny Furniture as examples –my girlfriends love them because they’re women’s stories that aren’t about being desperate to get married and don’t point to feminist triumph or women behaving like men just to justify having a woman in the lead role. Just good stories about interesting people that happen to be women. I think that may have been a rant.
You can pledge to RINGO at YAARA’s Kickstarter page here:
Do you have a Kickstarter campaign you’d like featured?  We’d love to feature you.  contactgloc[at]

About Michelle Fix

Michelle Fix is an actor and improvisor who also writes. She is the creator of the Glamour Bees and is also working on a little puppet improv project. She is a member of the CI ensemble Sake Emergency and also does a podcast with Melissa Rivkin called MIME Speak, which is on iTunes.
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One Response to Kickstart your week with provocation and originality — RINGO

  1. niritabb says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished film – I have a feeling RINGO will be a hit!

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