Kickstarter the Week with SPACE!

It’s week number two and we are Kickstarting more fantastic projects!  Let’s meet EMILY SIMONESS, one of the founders of SPACE, about their vision and how they got involved with Kickstarter.

Emily Simoness

But first, what is SPACE?  From their Kickstarter page:

SPACE’s mission is to support and enrich the artistic community by providing a workshop and retreat space singular in its ability to reinvigorate the artist’s spirit and their work.

– SPACE is located on Ryder Farm in Brewster, NY, an hour’s train ride from Manhattan. The farm’s natural landscape offers a vital escape from urban life.
– SPACE is committed to supporting a wide expanse of creative endeavors and aims to not only support the individual artist, but is also committed to fostering the arts’ place in, and benefit to, society.
– SPACE is the answer to the artist’s waning spirit and dormant creativity. We provide artists time and space to do what they do best: create.

What was the inspiration for SPACE and who founded it?

To put it simply, the inspiration for SPACE was Ryder Farm.  Ryder farm has been in my family since the 1790s and my first visit there inspired me to create SPACE.  Shortly after my first visit I (along with friends and family support) created SPACE on Ryder Farm.

How did you get involved and for how long have you been working with the project?

The project was founded in March of 2009.  I have been with it since its infancy.

Has this project impacted you personally?  In what way?  How has it impacted you creatively?

I call SPACE my “green light project” in that everyone and everything seems to say “yes” to it.  I am exceedingly proud, awed, amazed, and humbled by SPACE and the community of artists it has birthed. SPACE has given me a renewed hope in the potential for artistry.

How many total people are involved with  SPACE and what are their roles?

I am the executive director of SPACE.  Susan Goodwillie and Peter Simones (my brother) are the associate are the associate directors.  Beyond that we have the Artists on The Farm Collective (an amazing body of artists which support and create with us).  A.O.T.F. members are:  Ava Eisenson, Jesse Patch, Brianna Langan, Rachel Rusch, Therese Barbato, Isaac Klein, Sam Shaw, Grace McLean, Janey Abbott, Sam Trussell, Stacey Rae Allen, Danny Deferrari, and Dominic Spillane.

What are your long-term goals for SPACE?

We hope SPACE will continue to grow and that it will become fully (and importantly integrated) into the East Coast’s artistic landscape.  I want artists of all kinds to think of SPACE as their creative home away from home.

What has been the most challenging element of this endeavor?

I think that the notion of starting something from nothing is a tremendous (albeit enlivening) challenge.  To really design your dream and then to take careful and thoughtful steps to realize it is a thrill but a difficult task.  You must always hold yourself accountable to your initial intention.  It is easy in the throes of bureaucracy and detail to lose sight of the important things.

How did you get involved with Kickstarter?

A lot of my friends have used the sight as a means to realize their fundraising goals.  I have donated to their campaigns and wanted to put together a campaign for SPACE.

Is Kickstarter something you’d recommend for other creative ladies?  Any advice to them?

YES YES a 1,000 times YES.  I think the more people you can have promoting your project, the better.  Make certain to use facebook, blogs, and your website to really get the word out.  Also, the video is KEY.

Would you like to add anything else?

Apply to SPACE!  We would love to have you!

We’re excited to announce SPACE funding was successful in raising their goal of $8,000!   They have a new goal of 200 backers and $12,000 so please pledge if you can.

[SPACE’s Kickstarter Page:]

You can find out more about SPACE on their website, blog or facebook page and about EMILY on her personal site.

Do you have a Kickstarter campaign you’d like featured?  We’d love to feature you.  contactgloc[at]


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