In The Heidts

A quick shout out to G.L.O.C. superstar AMY HEIDT and well-wishes on her show DOMINATE YOURSELF tonight at UCBT LA.  Amy’s show – about a dominatrix turned self help guru – has garnered rave reviews in its multiple NY runs.

“[FOUR STARS] Dominate Yourself! announces a new talent. This woman can be sexy, awkward, rude, flighty, obnoxious….Good luck in Hollywood, Ms. Heidt.”
-Time Out New York

“I have rarely laughed so often or enjoyed myself so thoroughly at a play. I recommend this show highly to anyone who likes to laugh.”

Amy Heidt’s DOMINATE YOURSELF, directed by Amanda Duarte, is tonight at 7pm (UCB Theatre 5919 Franklin Blvd) in LA. [Reservations:] The show is early enough that you’ll have plenty of time to get home and write a status/tumblr/tweet about your new talent crush.

Here’s a promo for her show.  You can find out more about Amy on her website.


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